Pay Off Credit Cards Quickly!

Save $5,000 in Interest Annually

Use the Equity in Your Car or Home

If you're like most Americans, saddled with credit card debt, the following example is probably not unlike your situation:

One member we helped had $30,000 in credit card debt at 19% APR.  He paid $5,700 in interest in a single year with little to no reduction in the balance.  We consolidated this debt at 4.75% APR by using the equity in his home.  As a result, he only paid $726 in interest in a single year* and had the entire debt paid off in 5 years!

If you don't owe anything against your car, you may be able to borrow against its NADA value to consolidate credit card debt at a single-digit interest rate compared to the double-digit rate that you are currently paying on your credit cards.  Get your credit cards paid off in full within just a few years and save thousands of dollars in interest!

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*  Finance charge of $3,629 over a 60-month term at 4.75% annual percentage rate.

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